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1. In a document you can label a graphic or part of a graphic by inserting a: · 
(A) Field (B) Object (C) Comment (D) Text box

2. In MS Word you can force a page break by: 
(A) Positioning the cursor at appropriate place and press Ctrl+ Enter · 
(B) Positioning the cursor at appropriate place and press Alt +Enter 
(C) Using F12 key  
(D) None of the above 

3. Which tool you will use to join some cells and place the content at the middle of joined cell?  
(A) From format cells dialog box click merge cells check box  
(B) From format cells dialog box select  the centered alignment
(C) Click on merge and center tool on formatting tool bar
(D) From format cells dialog box choose merge cells and wrap text check boxes 

4. Which of the following is not correct method of editing the cell content?
(A) Press F6 key . (B) Press F2 key
(C) Click on the formula bar (D) Double click the cell 

5. Which of the following options are not available in paste special dialog box of MS Excel?
(A) Add (B) Subtract  (C) SQRT (D) None of these 

6. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row in MS Excel? . 
(A) Edit --->Paste Special --->Transpose  (B) Cut --->Paste
(C) Both of above (D) None of above 

7. Which of the cell pointer indicate that you can move the content to other cell in MS Excel? 
(A) Doctor's Symbol (Big Plus) (B) Small thin plus icon
(C) Mouse pointer with anchor at the tip (D) None of the above 

8. In Ms Excel, you can sum a large range of data by simply selecting a tool button called?
(A)Auto fill (B)Auto sum    (C) Auto format (D) Auto correct 

9. Which of the following is 'the oldest spreadsheet package? 
(A).Lotus 1-2-3  (B) Excel (C) Star Calc (D) Visicalc

10. What is motion path in MS Power Point? 
(A) A type of animation effect  (B) A method of moving items on a slide
(C) A method of advancing slides  (D) A method of creating slides

11. Which of the. following should you use if  you want an the slides in the presentation to have same look? 
(A) Outline view (B) Add a slide option .
(C) The slide layout option (D) A presentation design template

12. In MS Power Point, what is a trigger?  
(A) The name of a motion path  (B) An item on the slide that performs an action when clicked .
(C) An action that advances to the next slide (D) None of these

13. In MS Power point the special effects  used to introduce slides in a presentation are called:
(A) Transitions (B) Custom animations (C) Effects (D) Animations 

14. The number of times a monitor scans the entire screen each second is called:
(A) Resolution rate (B) Refresh rate(C) Pixels (D) Scaning rate

15. In magnetic disk reading and writing is performed by:
(A) Head (B) Disk   (C) Spindle (D) Ultra violet rays 

16. The study of creating an efficient,comfortable and healthy work place while working with a computer is called:  
(A) Mechanics (B) Computricks  (C)Erogonomics (D) None of these 

17. Which of the following devices can be used to read cheques in banks?
(A) Optical. Character Reader  (B) Magnetic InkCharacter Recognition
(C) Bar Code Reader (D) All the above

18. What is the attribute for <IMG> tag in HTML? 
(A) pic · (B) url (C) path (D) src 

19. Which of the following tags below are used for a multi-line text input control?
(A) textml tag  (B) text tag (C) textarea tag (D) both (A) and (B) above

20. What is cell padding in HTML? 
(A) Used to provide width to a cell  (B) Used to provide height to a cell
(C) Used to set space between cells   (D) Used to separate cell walls from their contents

21. For frames in HTML, how do you specify the rest of the screen?
(A) Using & (B) Using$    (C) Using* (D) Using#  

22. Choose the correct HTML tag for the largest heading:
(A) <H6> (B) <HI>     (C) <HEAD> (D) < TITLE> 

23 . How can you make list that lists the items with bubbles? 
(A) <ol>   (B)< ul >    (C) <list> (D) <dl>  

24. What is a Firewall in Computer Network?
(A) A system designed to prevent unauthorized access  (B) An operating system used in computer network 
(C) A web browsing software       (D) A physical boundary of Network

25. DNS is the abbreviation of:  
(A) Dynamic Name System  (B)Domain Name System · 
(C) Dynamic Network System   (D) Domain Network System 

26. What is the ........... of Bandwidth 
(A) Search engine   (B) IP address used in a network 
(C) frequency of the signal transmitted  (D) None of these 

27. Which command in MS Dos divides the surface of the blank disk into sectors and assigns unique address to each one? 
(A) chkdsk (B) scandisk (C) format (D) mkdir 

28. Which corrunand in MS Dos displays all the files having the same name but different extensions? 
(A) dir filename.xt  (B) dir filename.*  (C) dir* .ext  (D) dir filename.# 

29. Which command in MS Dos creates a directory or subdirectory? 
(A) cd (B)md (C) dir (D)crtdir 

30. Which of the following commands is given to reboot the computers? 
(A) Ctrl+ Alt +Del   (B) Ctrl + Alt+ Tab  (C) Ctrl + F3 (D) Ctrl + Alt+ F2 

31. Which of the following circuit is used as a'memory device'in computers?
(A) Diode (B) Rectifier (C) Flip-Flop  (D) Comparator

32. The topology with highest reliability is :
(A) Bus topology (B) Mesh topology (C) Ring topology(D) Star topology 

33. In a braud sense a railway track is an example of 
A) Full-duplex (B) Half duplex (C) Simplex (D) All of the above 

34. Which is the first search engine? 
(A) Google (B) Yahoo  (C)Altra vista (D) Archie 

35. A software that acts as an interface between the user and the inner workings of the internet is called:  
(A)Search engine (B) Browser (C) World Wide Web(D) All the above 

36. What do you need to have a dial up internet connection? 
(A) Internet account with ISP (B) Telephone line 
(C) Computer with modem      (D) All of the above 

37. Which of the following is the command used to display files in a directory in Unix System?
(A)mv (B)man  (C) Is  (D) dir

38. Expand the term SIMPS:
(A) Simple Microprocessor System (B) Simple Mode Processing System
(C) Switched Mode Power Supply   (D) None of these 

39. In fiber optic cable, data is transferred in the form of:
(A) Light (B) Charge (C) Electricity (D) Sound

40. One of the following is an Antivirus software. Find it out: 
(A) Mozilla Firefox (B) Acrobat Reader(C) PC Wizard(D) Quick Heal 

41. In Internet the files are transferred using the Protocol: 

42. In which year Linux Kernel created by Linus Torvalds released? . 
(A) 1991  (B) 1994 (C) 2000 (D) 1997

43. MIPS stands for: 
(A) Multiple Instructions Per Second  (B) Multiple Instruction Processing System  
(C) Millions Instructions Per Second   (D) None of these

44. BIOS of a computer is stored within: 
(A) Hard disk (B) RAM  (C) CD  (D) ROM 

45. . ........... enables computers to communicate via telephone line.
(A) Modem  (B) Mother Board   (C) NIC  (D)ISP

46. The short cut key Alt + F4 is used to: 
(A) Close the active program  (B) Switch to next window,
(C) Refresh a window   (D) Selects all files and folders 

47. The number of digits in a number system is called: 
(A) Byte  (B) Bit (C) Complement (D) Base 

48. The address of a web page is called:
(A) Hypertext(B) World Wide Web
(C) Domain name  (D) Uniform Resource Locator 

49. The financial business transaction that occur over an electronic network is known as:  
(A) E-Commerce(B) Online Shopping (C) Online Auction (D) Internet Banking

50. In which printer heated pins are used to print characters? 
(A) Dot matrix printer (B) Chain printer (C) Thermal printer (D) Daisy wheel printer

51. Hamming code is used in: 
(A) Programming language (B) Operating system(C) Processor  (D) Data communication

52. Choose the odd one: 
A) Mouse (B) Webcam (C) Joystick (D) Trackball 

53. Which type of folder view display complete information about a folder in Windows Environment? 
(A) List view  (B) Large icons view (C) Details view (D) None of the above

54. OS that permits multiple programs to be run simultaneously using a single processoris referred to as: 
(A) Multitasking (B) Multithreading (C) Multiuser  (D) Multiprocessing

55. In MS Word the tool bar, which contains icons for changing the look style text: 
(A) Outlining (B) Drawing (C) Autotex (D) Formatting

56. In MS Word, the file that contains the form letter is called as:  
(A) Data source (B)Main document (C)Word field (D) None of these 

57. Which of the following ris classified as an impact printer? 
(A) Daisy wheel printer (B) Laser printer (C) Thermal printer (D) All the above 

58. PPP stands for: 
(A) Point to Point Protocol  (B) Public Piracy Protocol 
(C) Portable Peripheral Point  (D) None of these 

59. In a mail account the incoming messages are stored in the: 
(A) Tools  (B)Outbox (C) Inbox (D) Compose 

60.Outlook Express is a:
(A) E-mail client (B) Scheduler(C) Address book (D) All of the above

61. When the scroll boxes are not present in the scroll bars this indicate that: 
(A) There is an error in the software 
(B) The complete text is visible in the same window 
(C) Indication of a virus attack 
(D) Text is hidden somewhere in the document

62. < TD > and< ITD> is used for: 
(A) Table border (B) Table row (C) Table heading (D) None of the above 

63. What is the full form of HTML? 
A) Hypertext Markup Language  (B) Hypertext Manipulation Language 
(C) Hypertext Machine Language (D) None of the above 

64. < TITLE >, < TITLE >tag must be within:

65. Which of the following tags can be used  to change the foreground colour Of a web page to red? 

66. A home page is: 
(A) The web page of a search engine (B) The first page of a website 
(C) The contents of the home folder (D) The·settings of a browser software 

67. What is the standard type of floppy drive?
(A) 1.2MB, 5 .25 inch (B) 1.67KB, 3.14 inch (C) 1.44MB, 3.5 inch (D) 1.42 MB, 5.25 inch

68. What is the shape of the mouse pointer when drawing a table in'MS  Word?
    (A) Pencil     (B) Black plus (C) Arrow             (D) None of these

69.What is a screen tip?
(A) The text displayed   on the task bar.
(B) Object's  name or description that appears when you point to it
(C) The message displayed when you open a software
(D) None of these 

70.Paragraph formatting options include all of the following except:
(A) Spell  check   (B) Line spacing   (C)Alignment     (D) Pagination

71.The character spacing tab is located  in the --------- dialog box in Microsoft Word.
(A) Text  (B) Format  (C) Font     (D) Word art  
72. Microsoft Word contains built in paragraph formats called: 
(A) Gutters (B) Styles (C) Bullets (D) Formats 

73. Word Art is available on the ...... ..... . tab.
(A) Insert (B)Format(C)Clip art (D) Graphics

74. As compared to the secondary storage devices, primary storage units have: 
(A) Faster (B) Costlier (C) Less storage capacity (D) All the above 

75. Which is the incorrect statement? 
(A) is Random Access Memory  (B) is volatile (C) We can only perform read operation in RAM
(D) RAM is directly accessed by the CPU

76. What does MBR stands for? 
(A) Memory Bus Register (B) Master Boot Record 
(C) Microsoft Buffer Register (D) None of the above

77. The start button and system tray are part of what feature of windows:
(A) Quick launch bar(B) Menu bar (C)Task pane (D) Task bar

78. What will appear on the screen, if you press Shift +5? 
(A) % (B)&  (C)* (D)# 

79. What is the full form of ATM? 
(A) Automatic Tailoring Machine (B) Any Time Money
(C) Automatic Teller Machine   (D) All Time Money

80.Charles Babbage Invented:
(A) Electronic Computer (B) Analytical Engine (C)ENIAC (D)IBM

81. In Windows, the tool used for managing files and folders are called:
(A) Windows Explorer (B) File System(C) My Computer (D) My Documents 

82. To Open the font dialog box in MS Word,we can use the short cut key: 
(A) Alt + F (B) Ctrl + F  (C) Ctrl+ D (D) Alt + D 

83.A strip of buttons across the top of the main window in MS Power Point is called: ..  
(A) Menu bar (B) Tool bar (C) Status bar(D) Ribbon 

84. In a DTP software, to stretch a short title of a paper across the page, use the ....... .. .option. 
(A) Expanded (B) Proportional (C)Scale (D) Horizontal Alignment 

85 . In addition to the slides tab in Normal View, which view allows a .user to select slides in MS Power Point: 
(A) Slide show (B) Print preview  (C) Outline (D) Slide sorter

86. A slide show begins with the:
(A) Animated slide (B) Current slide (C) Bulleted slide (D) First slide

87. What is an I-beam? 
(A) A pointer used to select text (B) A special tool used in animations 
(C) Transitions (D) None of these

88. What is the full form of POST? 
(A) Program Oriented System Testing  (B) Print On Self Test
(C) Private Office Software Trainee   (D) Power On Self Test 

89. The CPU communicate with the memory using:
(A) Control bus (B) Data bus  (C) Address bus (D) All of the above

90. How can you save a file with a new name in MS Excel?  
(A) Using save as menu (B) Using save menu (C) Using copy and paste options (D) Using cut and paste options  

91. ASCII stands for: 
(A)American Stable Code for Information Interchange 
(B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange 
(C) American Standard Code for International Interchange 
(D) American Standard Code for Information Interaction.

92. Which statement is valid?
(A) 1 KB = 1024 bytes (B) 1 MB = 1024 bytes (C) 1GB = 1000 bytes (D) 1KB = 2048 bytes 

93. Which language is directly understood by the computer without translation program?
(A) High Level Language (B) Assembly Language (C) Machine Language (D) None of above 

94. Which statement is valid about interpreter?  
(A) It translates the entire program at a time 
(B) Object code is saved for future use
(C) It translates one instruction at a time 
(D) It is used for testing a program

95. The octal equivalent of 1110001 is: 
(A) 71 (B) 161 (C) 113 (D)121

96. A dumb terminal has: 
(A) Microprocessor, but no memory 
(B) No microprocessor, but huge amount of memory 
(C) A keyboard and a screen 
(D) Processor, memory and I/O devices

97. The process of starting a computer by loading instructions from a secondary storage device into computer memory is called:
(A) Start up (B) Loading (C) Paging (D) Booting

98. The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured:
(A) Floppy disk (B) RAM (C)EPROM (D) ROM 

99. Which file starts MS Word?
(A) Winword.exe (B) MSWord.exe (C) Word2007.exe (D) Word.exe 

100. What is the short cut key to open the open dialog box?
(A) Cfrl + F12 (B) Alt + F12 (C) F12 (D) Shift+ F12 

ANSWERS: 1. d, 2. a, 3. c, 4. a (Option C. Click on the formula bar, is. also not the exact way for editing cells), 5. c, 6. a, 7. c, 8. b, 9. d, 10. a, 11. d,12. b, 13. b, 14. b, 15. a, 16. c (Ergonomics its not, Erogonomics-mics') 17. b, 18. a (It has two attributes-srs and alt), 19. c, 20. c, 21. c, 22. b, 23. b, 24. a, 25. b, 26. a, 27. c, 28. b, 29. b, 30. a, 31. c, 32. b, 33. b, 34. d, 35. b, 36. d, 37. c, 38. c, 39. a, 40. d, 41. d, 42. a, 43. c, 44. d, 45. a, 46. a, 47. b, 48. d, 49. a, 50. c, 51. d, 52. b, 53. c, 54. a, 55. d, 56. b, 57. a, 58. a, 59. c, 60. d, 61. b, 62. d, 63. a, 64. c, 65. (-), 66. b, 67. c, 68. a, 69. b, 70. a or d, 71. c,72. d, 73. a, 74. d, 75. c, 76. b, 77. d, 78. a, 79.c, 80.b, 81.a, 82.c, 83.d, 84.a, 85.d, 86.d, 87. a, 88 d, 89. d, 90. a, 91. b, 92.a, 93.c, 94.c, 95.b, 96.c, 97.c, 98.d, 99.d, lOO.a 


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